Answers To Common Flat Roofing Questions

Flat roofing is a popular option for many residential and commercial properties. In addition to being highly durable, it can also be a relatively low maintenance form of roofing. Yet, if you have never had flat roofing before, you may not know much about it. In particular, there are likely a couple of questions you want answered about this option. 

Are There Preventative Maintenance Steps You Can Do?

Many people are under the impression that there is no maintenance needed to keep these roofs in good condition. While it is true they are low maintenance, there js still something you need to do on a regular basis to help it avoid problems. 

A common misbelief is that flat roofs are completely flat, but this is usually not the case. Typically, they are built at a slight angle to help rain drain off it, but it is still essential to apply sealants to your roof. Not all of the moisture will drain, and it is important to protect the roof from absorbing too much moisture. This is exactly what sealants are designed to do, and applying them every few years can significantly extend the life of your roof. 

Are All Types Of Flat Roofing Materials The Same?

Many homeowners may be under the impression that all flat roofs are the same. Yet, there are many different types of flat roofing you can choose. For example, asphalt is among the most commonly used materials This is largely due to its durability and affordability, but rubber roofing is emerging as an increasingly common option. 

Rubber roofing has a slightly higher initial cost, but it is considerably more durable than asphalt. As a result, it will require a fraction of the amount of maintenance as opposed to asphalt. Due to the lower maintenance requirements, rubber roofing can end up having a lower cost compared to asphalt when yearly maintenance costs are considered. Furthermore, it is possible to use recycled roofing materials, and this can help make your home more environmentally friendly while saving you money. 

Maintaining a flat roof does not have to be an overwhelming or difficult task. By keeping the roof sealed and understanding the benefits of each type of roofing, you can help ensure that your home's roof is always in excellent condition. Whether you opt for asphalt or rubber roofing, it can be a durable and affordable option for almost any home. In addition to keeping your home's interior dry, a well maintained roof can significantly contribute to the total value of your home. Talk to your local roofing contractor, such as Done Right Roofing, for more information.