Top Five Exterior Siding Materials To Give Your Old Sided Home An Amazing Facelift

If you have a home with typical lap siding, the old and outdated appearance may be something that you want to change on your home. You can do a lot of different exterior finishes and siding designs, which will give your home an amazing facelift. The best part is that there are even materials that can be used for homes with siding to add the look of brick and masonry, or any other design you want. Here are some of the things that you can do to completely change the look of your home with a new exterior:

1. Unconventional Lap Siding Designs With Wood Materials

Lap siding can look different when using the right materials for siding on your home. You may want to use wood and materials that have non-conventional lumber dimensions. This can be lumber that has the natural edges on it, which can give your home curves and lines that look different than conventional lap siding. You can also use wider boards and combine it with other wood siding materials like shakes or board-and-batten to give your home a unique look.

2. Combining Woodworking Craftsmanship With Shake Siding

If you want your home to have some woodworking features that show off the craftsmanship of professional carpenters, shake siding is a great way to finish the exterior of your home. It can be installed in many different ways, which include adding patterns and designs in the siding. You can also have trim and corners with different details, such as the addition of woven corners that will wrap around your home and give the siding a uniform look.

3. Giving Your Home The Look Of Masonry With Exterior Veneers

If you have siding on your home, but want to have the look of brick or stone, today´s exterior veneers can give you any look you want without costly renovations. These veneers work with existing cornice and can look like brick, stone, stucco and contemporary finishes. They are affordable siding systems that can give the exterior of your home a unique design.

4. Creative Exterior Designs Using Slate Siding For Exterior Artwork

Slate is another great material to use to finish the exterior of your home. It is similar to shake siding in that you will be able to create designs and artwork in your siding. The slates can be in many different colors to create any type off artistic siding you want. It is also a great material to use with wood finishes for a unique custom look that combines these materials.

5. Contemporary Designs Made With Composite Siding Panels

Contemporary designs can also be accomplished with exterior siding products. There are composite and metal siding panels that can be used for the exterior of your home to give it a contemporary look. One of the benefits of using these materials on contemporary designs is that many of them are made from recycled products, which makes them a great green building material to use with modern home designs.

Renovating your home with a new exterior finish is a great way to get rid of the old lap siding and give it a facelift.  You can get started by taking photos of the exterior of your home and comparing different finishes to use. Once you have an idea of what you want, contact an exteriors contractor to get the help you need changing the look of your home.