Pros And Cons Of Flat Roofs

If you are considering installing a flat roofing system in your home, know that there are many pros and cons to installing this type of roof. Here's how flat roofs compare to pitched roofing systems:

Lower Surface Area

Since a pitched roof has to arch over your ceiling space, it uses up a lot more surface area than a flat roof. Having a flat roof can save you on installation costs as well as materials. Since the roof has less surface area, there is less material to maintain.

You Can Use the Space

One major benefit of a flat roof is that you can use the space as a rooftop patio or even a living space. This addition can increase the value and square footage of your home greatly. Having a flat roof also gives you more decorative options in case you want to have larger trees that take up the space over your home, or in case you want a rooftop garden or landscaping.

Easier Inspection

If you ever need to get a roof repair, flat roofs are easier to climb and inspect. They make it harder for people to fall, since the slope is one of the most hazardous aspects of roofs.

Less Sloping in the Top Floor

Whereas a sloped roof can dramatically affect the shaping of your home's upper level, a flat roof leaves you the option of having a high or vaulted ceiling in your attic.

Less Climate Variety

Flat roofs have a drawback in that they should only be used in arid climates. The sloped design of a pitched roof allows water to roll off the roof without pooling on the home. If you are in doubt about whether a flat roof will work in your climate, you can make the roof a little bit more rainproof by installing a strong gutter system and drains on your roof.

Less Durable

Flat roofs do require a bit more maintenance than their pitched roof counterparts. For instance, you'll need to reseal the roof every few years, using a professional roofing company. Many families find the extra maintenance worth it for the overall reduction in cost and the increased usage options.

Flat roofs can be a budget-friendly and attractive option for many homes. Before you decide between a flat and pitched roof, consult a local roofer to give you estimates on the cost and efficiency of each roofing style. Contact a company such as Quinn Roofing Solutions Inc. to learn more.