Water And Structural Damage To A Roof May Spread

A roof suffering from water damage might end up being the cause for additional problems. As the roof starts to break down from the structural damage, the possibility exists that water could seep into anything connected to the roof. As a result, the structural integrity of the property could become compromised. Rather than wait until extremely serious troubles arise, consider it best to have roof repair work done at the first early signs of water-related damage.

The Spread of Damage

Major holes in the roof leading to warped and leaking ceilings are going to prompt people to quickly react. Signs of warped wood on attic floors or wall, however, might be casually dismissed because the damage might not appear serious. Don't try and fool yourself. Warped and rotting wood does not get better. Rather, the damage only worsens over time as rain and snow bring forth more moisture.

Overlooked Interior and Exterior Risks

Risks are present when repairs are not done. For example, say the banister on a staircase leading up to the attic is connected to walls that are slowly rotting. The banister might be fine when no weight is placed on it, giving the illusion of being in good condition. Unfortunately, someone using the banister for leverage one day could rip the handle right out of the rotted wood and take a near-fatal tumble down the stairs.

The exterior of the roof could suffer as well. A heavy snowfall combined with a rotted roof could lead to a gutter becoming detached and crashing to the ground below. Damage to a car, a fence, or worst of all, a person, may result.

Be On The Lookout for Obvious Signs

Check out the exterior of the roof and look for spots where it is sinking, or where there is rust, mold, or other signs of water damage. Curling shingles are a red flag of water damage. Sections in which wood is splintering could be a sign water-damaged wood has dried, but is cracking and weakening. When shingles or big chunks of wood have fallen off, do not think the problem is localized to that one section of the roof. Likely, the problem is worse than you think. 

Calling in a roofing contractor as quickly as possible is the only way to address the issues with the roof before they get worse. Do so the second any warning signs of water damage arise.

Contact a professional who specializes in roofing in your area to learn more.