How To Repair A Flat Asphalt Roof

Because of the size of most commercial properties, it is not feasible to install a pitched roof. Instead, architects will opt for a flat roof, which means that your roof has to be completely waterproof. While gravity will help water to run off of a pitched roof, pooling is possible on a flat roof. If you have an asphalt roof, you can likely handle making repairs on your own. 

The Tarpaper Patch

There are two main options for repairing an asphalt roof. The first option involves using the same materials that your roof is made from to make a patch. Follow these steps:

1. Rake back the gravel that coats your roof and sweep away any dust or debris lying against the roof surface.

2. Measure the crack in your roof. If you have a blister, cut out the blister. 

3. Cut two patches. Make sure that the first is two inches larger than the damage to your roof on all sides. Make sure that the second is two inches larger on all sides than the first. 

4. Paint a layer of asphalt tar over the damaged area and press the first patch into the tar until it becomes soaked with tar. Make sure that it extends for at least one inch on all sides of the damage.

5. Paint another layer of tar over the first patch. 

6. Press the second patch into the tar until it becomes soaked. Make sure that it extends for at least one inch on all sides of the first patch. 

7. Paint down the third layer of tar then push the gravel back over the patch.      

Polyurethane Foam

Making a patch out of tar paper and tar can take a lot of time. If you have a lot of leaks in your roof, you might want to find a repair option that will take less time. You can use polyurethane foam to fill cracks in your roof and make quick repairs, but you have to make sure that the foam you use is designed for roof repairs. 

Repairing damage to an asphalt roof does not require a lot of specialized training or skills, but it does require time. If you don't have the time or the ability to make your own repairs, then you should consider hiring a roofer to make the repairs for you. When you hire a professional (such as polyurethane spray roofing by Cozifoam), you might spend more money than you would making the repairs on your own, but you can ensure that the repairs are done correctly.