Three Things a Roofing Contractor Can Do to Make Your Re-Roofing Job Eco-Friendly

Let's face it: some contractors and businesses just don't care as much about the environment as about profit. However, in today's world, where more and more customers are interested in environmentalism, you're more likely to be able to find a roofing contractor who does care for the environment, either because of personal conviction or because it makes customers happy. Before hiring on a contractor, you should be sure to discuss their position on the environment and ask about what they do to help reduce each roofing job's impact on the Earth. Here are some questions to ask.

1. Will they help you understand green roofing material options?

Greening the roof itself is a big part of being an advocate for the Earth. As the expert on roofing, your contractor can let you in on the secrets of which roofing materials are eco-friendly, how to use each roofing material in the most eco-friendly manner, and what sourcing options are available (for example, you can improve upon asphalt shingles if you find shingles that include recycled content).

Explaining to curious customers why one type of roof is more eco-friendly than another, how your climate affects that (for example, the hotter the climate, the more important it is to have a reflective roof surface), and other crucial aspects of the industry are one way that a contractor can raise awareness of how roofing affects the environment.

2. Do they recycle all old material, packaging, and other materials?

Some roofers just haul old shingles off to the landfill. But did you know that those shingles can be recycled into park benches, roadways, and other useful new items rather than taking up space in a landfill for the indefinite future? An eco-friendly roofer will recycle old roofing materials whenever possible as well as collecting packaging and other re-roofing project detritus and taking that to a recycling center as well.

3. Do they drive green vehicles?

Biodiesel is a great fuel option for trucks nowadays. Using biodiesel for large trucks and using electric-powered or hybrid vehicles for smaller forms of transport is another mark of an eco-friendly contracting business, and it has a direct impact on your roofing job if the contractor uses those vehicles to transport personnel and materials to the site. Of course, buying hybrid and electric vehicles can be quite pricey and many contractors can't afford to invest in multiple vehicles at once, so even a contractor whose heart is in the right place may have to make such a change slowly and may consequently only have some energy efficient vehicles at this stage. 

For more information about your options for eco-friendly roofing, talk to contractors like Patriot Roofing.