3 Things You Need To Do To Your Roof After A Major Storm

If a major storm has just blown through your area, here are the three things that you need to do to your roof following the storm, especially if your roof sustained any damage during the storm.

#1 Clean Up

The first thing that you need to do is clean-up following the storm. Generally, when a big storm hits, it leaves twig and debris on your roof. You are going to want to get up on your roof and remove all the debris that was left on your roof following the storm. Just make sure that you wait for the weather to improve before you climb up on your roof.

While you are cleaning up the debris, keep an eye out for missing or damaged shingles. If you find any area where the shingles are damaged or missing, you are going to want to take a picture of the damage and note where it is at so that it can be properly fixed.

You may also need to walk around your property in order to pick up any shingles that were blown off of your roof by the storm. For insurance purposes, you should take a picture of where the shingle landed before you pick it up.

#2 Roof Inspection & Repair

Second, put in a call to your local roofing company. Keep in mind that your local roofing company may be inundated with calls and requests for inspections and repairs following a big storm, so the sooner you call and get your name on the list the sooner your roof will get repaired.

It can be really helpful to describe the level of damage that your roof sustained. This will allow your local roofing contractor to more accurately determine how long it would take them to inspect and fix your roof, and get you on their schedule sooner.

If you took pictures of the damage to your roof, email those pictures to the roofing contractor so they will know exactly the level of damage they are dealing with and have a better idea of the type of supplies that they need to fix your roof.

#3 Insurance Company

If the cost to repair your roof is greater than the deductible for your homeowner's insurance, you may want to get your insurance company to foot the bill for repairing your roof. If you get the insurance company involved, they are going to want you to send in pictures of the damage as well as the repair estimate from the roofing company. They may also send out their own adjustor to look at the damage before the roofing company fixes your roof, so be aware that involving your insurance company may actually delay the repairs on your roof. 

Contact a contractor, like Scheinfield Contractors, for more help.