Several Roof Care Tips You Should Avoid Overlooking

If your home starts to develop roofing issues, you may find that the structure quickly suffers extensive and serious structural damages. Unfortunately, homeowners can be bad about neglecting to care for their roofs in a holistic manner, and this can lead to some serious problems with this part of the house.  

Maintain Your Chimney

For homes that have fireplaces, a chimney can be essential for allowing the smoke and other fumes to vent out of the house. However, if the chimney is not properly maintained, it can cause severe damage to the roof before you notice and repair it. This occurs because it can be possible for the chimney lining and mortar to crack. Once cracks form, heat can escape, which can warp the wooden roof supports or make them brittle enough to crack. By having the chimney cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis, you will be better able to find these issues before they contribute to major structural damage to your roof.

Upgrade Your Gutters

Intense rainstorms are common for most areas of the country. During one of these storms, an large amount of water can be dropped on your roof. The water can cause damages to the roof in a couple of ways if it is not able to drain away. Standing puddles can cause the shingles to degrade, which can make the roof more vulnerable to water damage. Also, the water can seep under the roof as it flows off the side of the house, and this can contribute to mold growing.

Ensuring that your gutters work correctly will require you to clean them every few months so that any leaves, sticks or other matter is removed. Not surprisingly, homeowners will often neglect to do this hazardous and labor-intensive task. You can help to reduce the need for this maintenance by upgrading to covered gutters. These gutters have a screen or cover with a small slit that will filter out most of the debris that leads to clogged gutters.

Keep The Roof Clean

Moss, algae and other materials that gather on the roof can severely compromise it by preventing moisture from being able to evaporate, and they can also release harsh chemicals. Yearly cleanings by professionals will remove these materials before substantial damage can occur. Homeowners will often be tempted to rent a pressure washer and do this task themselves. However, this can be hazardous as you may be at a risk of falling off the roof and using the pressure washer incorrectly can damage the shingles.

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