Reducing The Cost Of Maintaining Commercial Buildings: Top 3 Roof Maintenance And Repair Tips That Help Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner is a lot of work, and besides running your business, you must worry about costs of maintenance and operation. To reduce maintenance to reduce repairs to the roof and save energy for your business, there are some simple maintenance routines that you want to do. Here are some of the best commercial roof repair and maintenance tips that help small business owners save:

1. Simple Mechanical Access Paths on Roof Tops to Reduce Wear

The mechanical systems for commercial buildings are often on the roofs, which means that maintenance needs to be done on the roof, which can cause wear. Have simple access paths installed for areas that need to be accessed most often on the roof of your business. Doing this will help to prevent problems like accidental tears in roofing membranes and damage to your building.

2 Upgrading Your Roof to Cool Roofing Membrane Systems That Save Energy

An older commercial building with a flat roof will have outdated roofing systems, such as asphalt and gravel or bitumen rolls. These systems are fine if you just want to keep the water out of your business, but cool roofing membranes have many more benefits. By upgrading to a cool roofing system, you will save energy and improve the durability of your roof. The lightweight EPDM roofing membranes are also good for lighter wood construction to cut the costs of construction for small businesses. Using a light material will also allow you to utilize more of the space on the roof for things such as roof top garden area, storage or even a terrace of a restaurant business.

3. Routine Roof Inspections That Help You Catch Problems Before They

Keeping up with roof problems will help reduce costs for your business; allowing you to catch problems in time and have them repaired. Routinely inspect your roof for signs of damage and keep areas like drainage grates free of debris. Look for signs of puddling and leaks that cause structural problems when not addressed. Punctures and tears can often be seen by the dark marks from dirt around them, which is sometimes looks black on lighter colored materials. 

When it comes to maintaining the roof of your small business, simple improvements like cool roofing membranes, mechanical access paths and routine inspections can help you save. Contact a commercial roofing contractor to help with the improvements and repairs you need help with.