Three Things That Can Prolong The Life Of Your Roof

Your roof is an investment. Not only does it protect your home from the elements, it is also a major cosmetic factor that plays into the curb appeal of the house. For these reasons you want to make sure you look after it. The following are three things that are often overlooked when it comes to roof care.

#1: Overgrown trees

The trees on your property have a major affect on your roof. They can drop leaves and branches, which will collect in the gutters. Full gutters overflow, which increases the likelihood of ice dams and leaks. Larger branches can fall on the roof and cause damage, or the trees may simply scrape across the roof and damage the shingles. Fortunately, these are all easily solved issues. Trim back trees so that they don't touch the roof, even during a storm. All dead and damaged branches should be pruned out annually. As for falling leaves, invest in gutter guards and clean the gutters every six months.

#2: Stained shingles

Moss and algae can create green or brown stains on the shingles. Usually this problem is purely cosmetic, although occasionally moss clumps will form beneath a shingle and lift it up so that water seeps beneath and causes a leak. There are commercial moss and algae cleaners you can use to remove the growth and lighten the stains. Trimming back trees and removing leaves also cuts down on the growth, since most moss and algae grows in moist conditions. For a longer term solution, have a zinc strip installed near the ridgeline. When it rains, the zinc seeps down the roof and kills any moss or algae.

#3: Aging flashing

The flashing are the metal strips that line the valleys of the roof or that are placed around rooftop protuberances like chimneys and vent stacks. Often, the flashing has a shorter useful life than the actual shingles. If you notice that your flashing is peeling up or otherwise becoming damaged, have it replaced. You don't have to have the whole roof replaced, just the damaged sections of the flashing. It's also a good idea to check the fascia boards and soffits around the eaves of your roof to make sure they are in good condition. When these become damaged, pests can get into your home, or water can seep in when it rains.

For more help with the ongoing maintenance of your shingle roof, contact a roofing company, such as Arcadia Roofing.