Poor Roof Ventilation: Can It Damage Your Home?

There are several problems that can be caused by having poor roof ventilation, which includes an HVAC system that won't be energy efficiency. However, were you aware that poor ventilation can cause damage to your home? Be aware of the four ways that poor roof ventilation could cause unexpected damage:

Overheating Damage

Many homeowners are aware that overheating from poor roof ventilation will put more wear and tear on your home's air conditioner. Unfortunately, the damage goes beyond a compressor that is overworked and can break down prematurely. A roof that overheats can easily become damaged by weakening the material. For instance, you may have cracked wood shingles, melting asphalt shingles, or warping roof trusses. All of these things can be prevented with proper ventilation to reduce the heat.

Moisture Damage

Poor roof ventilation can also cause any metal parts of a roof to eventually rust. Poor ventilation will cause moisture to collect under your roof while the weather is cold. The heat from your furnace eventually rises and come in contact with these places with moisture in your roof. The hot air will then condense and start to affect metal on your roof that has moisture on it.

The damage is that rusted metal will be weak, causing parts of the roof supports to become weak and break prematurely. In extreme situations, metal brackets could potentially give way and cause a roof to collapse.

Ice Dam Damage

In addition to moisture damage, ice dams are likely to form when hot air reaches the attic of your home. The hot air will heat up parts of your roof with insufficient insulation, which will cause snow on top of the roof to melt away. The water flows downward until it reaches a part of your roof that is well insulated and cold, where it eventually freezes and forms an ice dam.

These dams will only trap water on the roof, which will cause shingles to lift off the roof when water backs up underneath them and freezes. The weight of frozen water in a gutter can also put stress on the anchor points and cause the gutters to become damaged.

Mold Damage

More moisture in the air will lead to more mold growth in your attic. This is something that is unavoidable because mold will thrive on any moisture it can get. Mold tends to soak up water as well, which will contribute to air quality problem in your home. Mold also causes wood to rot if the mold is attached to it, which can cause structural damage to a roof.

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