Tips To Help You Avoid Winter Roof Problems

When the winter months arrive, you will find that your roofing can be prone to suffering damage from a variety of issues and causes. Unfortunately, homeowners often underestimate the types of risks that these issues will pose to their homes, and this can lead to them failing to take steps that can help to protect their roofs.

Remove Icicles That Hang From The Roof And Gutters

Icicles hanging from the edges of a roof can be a common image that many people will have of winter. However, these icicles can be rather damaging to a roof. These ice formations can be extremely heavy, and their weight will be concentrated near the edge of the roof. As a result, the presence of these icicles can put enough strain on your roof to lead to it cracking and separating from the rest of the house. As a result of this potentially serious threat, you will need to knock off the icicles that form. Luckily, this is not a difficult task as these ice formations will usually break with a firm strike from a broom handle or pipe.

Address The Causes That Are Leading To Ice Dams

An ice dam forming on your roof can be one of the more serious winter problems that can occur. These dams are essentially large blocks of ice that form near the edge of the roof, and they will act to prevent melting snow and ice from draining. Additionally, these formations can grow to be rather large, which could put an increased strain on the roof. This problem will often indicate that hot air from the home's interior is leaking out through gaps and other sources of drafts. To locate these drafts, you may want to hire a professional roof repair service as they will be able to localize the sources of these issues so that they can be patched.

Invest In A Roof Rake

If you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, preventing excessive amounts of snow from gathering on the roof can be critical for minimize the risk of the roof collapsing. You may assume that you will have to physically climb on the roof to remove snow deposits, but there are roof rakes that may allow you to do this from the ground. These are essentially rakes that are designed with extra-long handles so that they can reach the roof of a single story building. While these rakes may not remove all of the snow that is accumulating, they can remove enough of it to reduce the risk of serious structural damages occurring.