Installing New Gutters: Choosing The Style & Profile

If you want to put new gutters on your home, you are going to have to make two different style changes. You are going to need to choose if you want seamless or sectional gutters. You are also going to need to decide if you want gutters with the k-shape, fascia shape or half-round shape.

Seamless Or Sectional Gutters

The first choice you are going to have to make is if you want seamless or sectional gutters. There are drawbacks and advantages to each of these gutter styles.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are created and crafted just for your home. They are made so that they fit to your home exactly. The gutters are rolled out through a machine on the spot that forms the gutters so that they will fit your home. These gutters run from corner to corner of your home and be made out of aluminum. There will be no seams along the entire length of your gutters, meaning that there is no point where your gutters could potentially leak. However, if your gutters get damaged, you will have to replace the entire seamless section.  Seamless gutters have to be installed by professionals.

Sectional Gutters

Sectional gutters can be purchased from your local home improvement store and come in ten foot sections. At each section, you have to use a joint to join the gutters together. You can cut the gutters and customize them to fit your home. There is a chance that your gutters could leak at each joint though. You can install sectional gutters on your own or have professionals install them. You can purchase sectional gutters in both vinyl and metal. If your sectional gutters ever get damaged, you only have to replace that one section.

K-Shape, Fascia Shape or Half-Round Shape

One you decide if you want to install seamless or sectional gutters, you need to decide what shape you want your gutters to be. The three primary gutter shapes are k-shape, fascia shape or half-round shape.


K-Shape gutters are the fanciest looking gutters. They look like upside down crown molding. They have creases along the length of the gutter that make them really strong. The crown-molding like shape also means that k-shaped gutters can carry a lot more water than other gutter shapes. This is great if you live somewhere that gets lot of precipitation or heavy rainstorms.

Fascia Shape

Fascia shape gutters are designed to cover up fascia on your home, which is basically the wood board on the side of your home that covers the space in between your roof and your siding. Fascia shaped gutters have a narrow width to them, but are really deep or tall, depending on how you look at them. They are designed to cover up the fascia on your home. They can hold a lot of water, but due to how deep and narrow they are, they can be really difficult to clean. If you put fascia gutters on your home, you should also put gutter guards in place over the top of the gutters to make them easier to clean.


Finally, there are half round gutters, that basically look like a u-shape. These are a very traditional style of gutter, and are found on many homes. The width and length are about equal. They don't hold as much water as k-shaped gutters, and they are easier to clean than fascia shaped gutters.

If your home needs new gutters, you need to decide if you want seamless or sectional gutters, and if you want your gutters to have a k-shape, a fascia shape or a half-round shape to them. Contact a company, like Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies, for more help.