Preserving Your Flat Roofing

Whether you live in an older ranch home or own a simple warehouse, you're not alone; flat roofing still exists on many structures. You might hear that it's harder to maintain this kind of roof because it's easy for water to pool on the surface and snow can collect easily. However, your roof can still be preserved, particularly if you respect and follow through with these flat roofing suggestions.

Do Regular Assessments

Even though you might not yet have started battling leaks, there could be problem areas that aren't wreaking havoc but could be to manifest themselves. For that reason, with flat roofing regular assessments are critical. If you're confident about your footing atop the roof, you can do such an assessment yourself, but in many cases it's better to have a true professional have a look. Their work involves roofing every day, and their eyes may be keener at noticing possible issues that you just can't recognize. What kinds of issues could exist?

  • Loose shingles
  • Poorly-attached gutters
  • Stains
  • Mold growth
  • Damaged portions
  • Small holes
  • Exposed base structure
  • Loose flashing surrounding HVAC units, chimneys and protrusions

When you're made aware of possible trouble, repairs, patches and other preservative actions can be taken. Your roof can end up lasting longer as a result of this frequent attention.

Purchase Heat Cables

A wise investment for those with flat roofing issues to consider, heating or heat cables can alleviate a lot of stress. These cables are most useful in locations that see many feet of snow or rain over the winter. They are laid evenly across the surface of the entire roof and warm to discourage ice and/or snow. There are manual versions of these cables which require you or another adult plug them in or power them up, but automatic versions also exist that will detect precipitation or a certain air temperature and warm on their own.

You should of course be able to observe whether the heat cables are effective by having a look at the roof after a snowstorm or ice event. However, it's still a good idea to set money and time aside for frequent inspections during the weeks you need them most.

The issues and solutions described here will enable you to remain vigilant about your flat roof and keep it intact. Consulting roofing contractors who understand this type of roofing will give you more tools to protect the structure. For more information, visit websites like