Four Questions To Ask Before Your Roofers Arrive

If you live in your home long enough, you will eventually need to have the home re-roofed. This can be a pretty straightforward process, especially if you work with a a good roofing company. Still, every job is a bit different, so there are a few questions you will want to ask your roofers before the project begins. Here are those questions.

What will you do with the old shingles?

Most shingles can be recycled. Make sure that your roofing company plans on recycling the shingles. If they do not plan on doing so, make sure they have a good reason for their alternative approach. For example, they may be unable to recycle the shingles if they are made with certain metals or herbicides, as were some specialty shingles in past years. 

Where will you put the dumpster?

Your roofing company will scrape all of the old shingles into a dumpster and then haul it away. The heavy dumpster can cause damage to your landscaping if not careful. Make sure you determine where the roofers will place the dumpster so you can prepare the area beforehand. Cover any plants, move any important toys or furniture, and so forth. If you have an alternative area where you would rather have the dumpster, tell them this -- and see if they're able to comply.

What is the warranty on the shingles?

You probably chose either 20, 30, or 50-year shingles for your roof. You should be aware that the numbers do not represent the length of the warranty on the shingles. Rather, they represent the average time the shingles last. Ask about a warranty, too. Good shingles should come with a 10 year warranty, at the very least, so that if they suffer any premature damage, you are not on the hook.

Do you have insurance, and can you show proof?

Roofing is a very risky job. There is a pretty significant chance that if someone gets injured while roofing, it will be serious and the medical costs will be high. If your roofers are not covered by insurance, it may be your responsibility -- or your homeowners insurance company's responsibility -- to pay those bills. So always request proof of insurance before your roofers start working. If they are not able to show you this proof, look for a different company. There are plenty of good ones out there that play by the rules and carry proper insurance.

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