How Overhanging Tree Limbs Can Damage Your Roof

Trees provide shade for your property. They absorb greenhouse gases and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The plants can also act as a barrier against cold weather. However, you need to keep the trees on your property trimmed. Read on to find out how overhanging tree limbs can damage your roof.

Strips Away Layers Of Asphalt And Gravel

Some homes have tar and gravel roofing. They are made up of layers of fiberglass material and perforated felt. Asphalt is put in between these layers and gravel is applied to the hot asphalt. The gravel protects your roof from the UV rays, sun's heat and weather elements. It also protects against degradation, blistering and cracking.

If you have tree branches that hang over your roof, then you may need to get roof repairs. On a windy day, the branches can scrap against your roofing. This can result in knocking off shingles or putting holes in your roof. It helps to have a roofing contractor to inspect it after the damage occurs.

Stop Complications Caused By Leaves

If you have trees over your house, then you should expect leaves to fall on the roof. These leaves are often wet from the cool weather. If you allow them to sit on your roof, then the leaves tend to collect more water and clump together. This can result in the leaves rotting and the moisture getting into your shingles. It will eventually seep into your wooden support beams. The worse case scenario is the warping, rotting, mold, deterioration and potential leakage that may occur to your roofing.

You need to remove any leaves, pine needles and debris before winter. It may take waiting until all the leaves fall, but you will be in good shape by removing them. When you allow the leaves to accumulate, they can trap moisture.

Clean Your Gutters

The leaves that fall on your roof can get stuck in your gutters. It can cause your gutters to become clogged. This results in water spilling from the trough instead of going down your downspout. The water spilling out can mess up your landscaping and erode your foundation. When you remove the leaves from your roof, you should also clean out your gutters.

Your property is your place of peace and protection for your family. It means staying aware of minor problems before they become a major repair. If you have damage to your roof, then you should contact a contractor today. To learn more, contact a business such as Landmark Roofing.