2 Great Modern Roof Materials

A complete replacement of your roof material going to cost a lot of money, but it is a smart investment for most homes. The roof is one part of your home that is exposed to the sun, rain, snow, and all the harsh elements on a daily basis. So, the roofing material needs to be hearty and long-lasting.

Some roofing materials claim that they will last over 100 years, but many people replace their roof for style reasons before they need to make any structural repairs. On the other hand, many people who are investing in new roofs are doing it because they are having problems with leaking and energy efficiency.

It doesn't matter what your main reason for investing in a new roof is; you will be glad you did it. You need to weigh your options because modern roofing materials have advanced so much in recent years. This article explains two of the best modern roofing materials.

1. Modern Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are perhaps the most adaptable roofing material available. Modern ceramic tiles are lighter and thinner, yet more energy efficient than ever. Most importantly, the style of ceramic tiles has improved greatly over the years. For instance, you can now find ceramic tiles with pretty much any print, shape, or finish imaginable.

Not only that, these textures and finishes pretty much copy all of the most popular roofing services. You can find authentic looking wooden shakes, stone panels, and terra-cotta tiles all made out of ceramic. Since these materials are printed using modern techniques, they look very realistic. Also, the ceramic reproductions are more energy efficient, lighter, cheaper, and usually have better U-value ratings.

2. Modern Wooden Shingles

Modern wooden shingles are also vastly improved over older wooden roofing products. Modern shingles are made with advanced tempering techniques and chemicals. This means they can last as long as many synthetic materials. It is important to realize that these tempering techniques do not change the actual style or look of the wood. In the past, wood was the stylish roofing option, but it was not the most practical material. Now, it can be practical and durable for pretty much any homeowner.

With the ever-improving technologies, ceramic and wood roofs are both only going to become even more practical to own. Of course, these two materials have opposite styles, but either can provide a fresh upgrade. Contact a company like Advanced Roofing and Construction for more information and assistance.