Wavering About Installing New Siding For Your Home? 3 Reasons To Do It Now

Unlike cars, which are often replaced every few years, the average home can last for a century or more; this longevity is largely due to the quality of the materials and workmanship at the time the home was built, plus the ongoing improvements, care, and repairs each owner contributes down through the years. For the average home to be able to maintain its condition and steadily rise in value, it must also receive major periodic upgrades, such as the installation of new siding. If the exterior of your home is beginning to look unattractive, here are three good reasons to move ahead and install a high-quality siding product. 

New siding offers a more fluid look to recently renovated homes

Homes that have undergone major renovations, such as the addition of a new room or wing, may look a bit awkward after the work is completed; this often occurs because the original materials and workmanship may be difficult or impossible to recreate for the new section. However, by opting to reside the entire home at this point, both the old and new sections will fluidly become one, greatly improving the appearance of the entire home.

Opting to install new siding can offer protection from fire

Installing some types of siding, such as fiber cement siding can have the added benefit of helping your home resist fire damage. With countless parts of the nation inundated with wildfires over the past few years, homeowners can experience a more secure feeling by choosing materials that offer fire resistance. 

Unlike wood or vinyl siding, which will ignite or melt from the heat of an approaching wildfire, fiber cement siding is non-combustible; this along with other fire-resistant building materials, such as metal or clay roofing products, can help homes in fire-prone areas resist being consumed by wildfire. 

New siding can increase property value for those planning to sell their home

Another great reason to install new siding is to boost property values and get a higher sale price when selling. Most home buyers today want to find homes that are attractive, with upgrades and improvements that will benefit them. 

Since quality siding, such as that made of fiber cement, will not decay, corrode, or fall prey to insect damage, buyers are more likely to see the value. 

For more information about installing new siding on your home, including fiber cement siding products, contact a siding contractor like James Hardie contractor in your area soon.