Clay Roofing: The Right Choice For Your Vacation Home

Investing in a vacation home allows you and your family to escape the stress of daily life and unwind in a property that is all your own.

Vacation homes are typically not occupied on a continuous basis throughout the year. This means that the construction materials used to reinforce your vacation home must require little maintenance and be capable of withstanding exposure to the elements.

If you are in the market for a new roof for your vacation home, clay tiles are the way to go.

Clay roofing will last.

All homeowners want their roofing materials to be durable, but the roof on your vacation home needs to have a long lifespan in order to meet your needs. Vacation properties can serve as retirement homes for older couples and many vacation homes are passed down through the family from one generation to another.

Regardless of how you plan to use your vacation home, the installation of clay roofing will give you a secure structure well into the future. Few roofing materials can match the expected lifespan of clay tiles, so a clay roof is the perfect choice for a vacation home that you plan to retain ownership of over time.

Clay roofing won't rot.

Water damage is one of the concerns that homeowners who purchase a vacation home might need to worry about.

Many vacation properties are located near large bodies of water. A lake, river, or ocean can release water particles into the air. Strong breezes blow these particles toward your vacation home, where they settle on the exterior surface of your property.

Excess moisture can cause many roofing materials to rot, compromising the structural stability of your vacation home. Clay tiles are impervious to moisture penetration. This allows them to withstand exposure to rain, snow, or high levels of humidity with ease.

Clay roofing prevents insect damage.

Insects can wreak havoc on any home. Since you won't be at your vacation home on a daily basis to watch for signs of an insect problem, it's best to invest in construction materials that will eliminate the threat of insect infestations altogether.

There are no known clay-eating or clay-nesting insects at this time. The baked surface of clay roofing tiles creates an impenetrable barrier to keep unwanted bugs out of your home. You can rest assured that your vacation home's roofing won't be damaged by termites, beetles, or other insects when you have a clay roof.