Ways To Make Your Commercial Roof More Energy Efficient

Are you looking for ways to make your commercial building more energy efficient? If so, one way you can do it is with the roof. Consider these ways that will help reduce how much energy your business uses.

Add Roof Insulation

One easy way to make your building energy efficient is by adding more insulation. It helps keep the heat from the sun outside during the summer, and keeps all that heat from your furnace inside during the winter. If the roof does not have great insulation, your building's HVAC system works harder than usual to make your business feel comfortable for your employees and customers.

Have a roofing company take a closer look at your roof to see if it can benefit from adding more insulation. If so, you could get back all that energy that is lost throughout the winter and summer, saving you money over the years.

Add Landscaping

Any way that you can cause your roof to be cooler in the summer is going to make it more energy efficient. A long term solution that will pay off years from now is planting trees around your building that block the heat from the sun. While the trees will start off small, over time they will start creating the shade that your business needs to stay cool. This technique is ideal in dry climates, since moisture in shaded parts of a roof can cause moss growth.

Add Paint

For roofs under constant exposure to the sun, it can see some benefits by painting the roof with a reflecting roof coating. While dark colors tend to absorb the heat, a reflective coating will help it stay cool during the hot summer. The nice thing about applying a reflective roof coating is that it's very inexpensive, and can even be applied on your own.

Applying a roof coating is just like interior painting. All that's needed is a bucket of paint, a roller, an extension pole, and a tray to dip it all in. The only difference is that reflective coating with metal fibers in it will need to be stirred quite well and applied in a single direction. That helps the metal fibers to not become bunched up and to be effective at reflecting the sun.

For more tips on how to make your roof more energy efficient, speak with a local roofing contractor like Green Gable Roofing that can give you options for improvements.