A Commercial Metal Roof Inspection Might Reveal These Common Forms of Damage That Need Repairs

A metal roof is a good choice for a commercial building since it's durable and has a long life. However, you'll want to maintain it properly so it lasts a long time and doesn't develop leaks. You may want to have your roof inspected on a regular basis to add to your maintenance logs and to help you budget for the time when the roof will need to be replaced. This also gives the roofer a chance to make repairs as soon as they're needed. Here are some problems the roofer may need to fix.

Loose or Rusted Fasteners

Sometimes problems arise with the fasteners. This is more likely to happen if they weren't applied properly or if the wrong kind of fasteners were used that allow rust to form. When the roofer finds loose fasteners, they have to be replaced or rain may leak in around them. If rust is growing around the fastener, the rust has to be removed or it will spread. The rusted area is repaired and then a new fastener is installed. This makes the area watertight again so leaks due to fastener problems are eliminated.

Leaks Around Flashing

Anything that protrudes through the roof needs to have metal flashing around it to keep rain from flowing down the sides of the vent or pipe. Leaks around flashing are fairly common since flashing can work loose. Commercial roofs tend to have more protrusions through them than residential roofs, so there is a greater risk of developing leaks. When a roofer inspects the roof, checking the flashing is an important step. When loose areas are found, they are repaired by putting on new flashing or sealing the old flashing so water can't get past it. Some pipes also have rubber boots around them that can develop cracks when they get old. When the rubber shows signs of wear, they should be replaced so rain can't leak through the cracks.

Damage to a Panel

Another way commercial roofs differ is that they tend to get much more foot traffic since the HVAC and other equipment may be on the roof. This activity could lead to panel damage such as a puncture or tear. No matter what the cause, a damaged metal panel should be repaired or replaced so rain doesn't seep through the damaged area. Metal can often be patched up by sealing the damaged area with a patch of metal. These seams should then be checked on future inspections to make sure they haven't developed leaks. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove and replace a damaged panel to eliminate the risk of a roof leak.

The metal roof on your building may not need repairs for several years, but it's always good to be on the watch for damage so roof repairs can be made before water leaks in your building and cause expensive damage. Contact local commercial metal roof services to attend to these issues.