Building Your Home? 3 Roofing Trends

From a floorplan suited to your family's needs in a location you prefer to your particular colors and style, the benefits of custom home building should be easy to see. Of course, the building process can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to making specific selections. The roof, for example, may not be the most enjoyable process of designing your new home, but it is important. This guide will give you a few roofing trends to consider when building your home.

Metal Roofing

In the past, most people considered metal a good option for commercial buildings or barns. Today, metal is an excellent option for homes for many reasons.

Metal roof can withstand harsh weather, heavy exposure to the sun and heat, and any risk of pests or moisture damage. This durability guarantees a long lifespan. On average, aluminum or steel metal shingles can last up to 50 years while other metals, such as copper and zinc, can last up to 100 years or longer.

Although the durability is a big benefit, metal roofing is also versatile. Metal panels and shingles are available in a variety of colors, allowing you to complement your home's exterior in a suitable manner.

Energy Efficiency

When building a home, focusing on energy efficiency is smart. Not only will energy-efficient equipment and materials help benefit the environment, but they can also reduce your monthly energy bills, making your role as a homeowner more affordable. Fortunately, energy-efficient roofing is possible.

There are many ways to make a roof more energy-efficient. Choosing the right materials and the right color are great places to start.

Search for roofing materials certified by Energy Star, for example. These roofing materials reflect the sun's light and heat to keep your home cooler without excessive use of your air conditioning system. Metal, for instance, is a great option because it helps reflect the sun's light and heat,

Light-colored roofing materials will reflect the most light and heat. Darker colors tend to absorb heat, making your home warmer, which can be problematic in the hotter seasons.

Architectural Details

In addition to durability and energy efficiency, your roof should be appealing. Therefore, opting for architectural shingles is also a smart option when building your home and designing your roof.

Traditional asphalt shingles in varying colors and textures can add enormous appeal to your roof. Also, consider cedar shake shingles, which add texture and definition to your home's exterior while creating a resilient shelter. Slate shingles can also add architectural details to your home.

For more information, contact roofers in your area.