Learning About Roof Replacement Techniques, Tools and Materials

Tips For Replacing Your Roof Pipe Flashing Material

While flashing is designed to prevent water from getting into your roof, it is possible to deteriorate and cause a leak to happen. If you have water getting into your home from where the flashing material is falling apart around a pipe, here are some tips for replacing the flashing material. Verify Where The Leak Is Located You should start by trying to confirm where the water is getting into the roof. Read More 

4 Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

Most homeowners spend a large portion of the spring season cleaning, maintaining, and updating their home. However, the fall is also a great season to conduct necessary maintenance to ensure the home is prepared for the cooler temperatures and potential wintry precipitation. Considering the roof is one of the most important parts of the home, fall maintenance is essential for avoiding potential damage from fallen trees, freezing temperatures, and water leaks after it rains, sleets, snows, or ices. Read More 

A Look At Fire Damage To Your Roof And The Types Of Repairs That Might Be Needed

An asphalt roof protects your home for many years, but damage is always a possibility from trees, storms, and animals like rats and raccoons. One type of damage you might not think of too often is fire damage. A small fire in your home, a chimney fire, or flying embers from a brush fire can cause damage to your asphalt shingles. Here's a look at the type of damage a fire can cause and how repairs might be undertaken. Read More 

Do You Need A New Roof? Climb Up And Have A Look

Your roof has a limited lifetime. While the actual number of years you can eke out of it depends on a number of factors, including the grade of shingles used and how well they were installed, the average life expectancy for an asphalt shingles is just 15 to 20 years. Mother Nature also comes into play. The weather that your roof endures over its lifetime can greatly impact these numbers. Rain, salt water spray, heavy snow load, hail, strong winds, and ice storms can batter a roof and shorten its life. Read More 

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Foam Roof

If you have a foam roof, you want to make sure that you keep it in great shape so that it can continue to provide you with protection for years to come. It is easy to take care of a foam roof. Remove Large Objects by Hand When large objects get on your roof, such as tree branches, leaves, trash, and even bird nests, make sure that you remove them by hand. Read More