Remodeling Your Home? Why You Should Replace Your Roof At The Same Time

If you have plans to remodel your home, don't stop at the roofline. Instead, include a new roof in those plans. Many people embark on home renovation plans without including the roof. That might save money in the short-run, but, it can cause problems in the long-run. The best thing you can do is include a new roof with your home remodeling plans. This is especially true if your roof is worn out or damaged. Read More 

The Case For A Black Roof

A few decades ago, if you drove through most any neighborhood, the majority of homes would have black shingle roofs. In recent years, shingle companies have begun offering other options. You can find shingles that are any color from white to bright green. With so many options available, fewer homeowners are opting for a traditional black roof. But there's still a case to be made for traditional black shingles. Here's why they're still a viable and even great option for some people. Read More 

Residential Roofing: When Should You Consider Investing In Roof Insulation?

Modern house builders use energy-efficient materials to improve structural functionality and sustainability. One of the most crucial elements of a sustainable home is roof insulation. This product promises improved energy efficiency, better protection, and reduced heating and cooling costs. But is roof insulation a worthwhile investment? Below are four instances when insulating your roof would benefit your home. You Have an Old Roof Do you have an old roof in your home? Read More 

What Will It Take To Repair A Damaged Roof?

After you had an inspection performed, did you find out that your roof has damage to it? If you had the roof installed many years ago, the damage could have occurred over time. The different elements could have wreaked havoc on the roof, leading to holes and other extensive damage that needs repairing. Hiring a roofer to take care of the repairs is not optional. If you do not get the repairs done, more damage will occur, and you would eventually need to get a new roof. Read More